Blumsters on Main opened in Oct. 2001. The initial plan for this shop was to have a sales outlet for Handcrafted Furniture and Restored Antique Furniture made by and restored by its owner Lyle Martin. The original building was purchased and completely remodeled prior to its opening. The opening contained a floral shop “Blumsters Floral and Gifts “which had became available , the floral shop was purchased and added to the “furniture”- we were fortunate to hire its florist –with years experience. Our customers were asking for candles and home décor’ , so we added these products to complement the furniture and the floral shop. In 2004, we found ourselves out of space and the “Garden Patio” was added. The business continued to grow and in 2005 a new furniture room and a “gift book” room was added to the growing business. The “Back Porch Café” was added in 2006 to provide our customers special homemade lunches.

People say the rooms at “Blumsters on Main” keep going and going! It’s true! A wine area and book room greet you at the front door. Then you can wander thru the porch doorway to the floral and specialty food area. A step up right takes you to children’s gifts, candles, CD’s, stationary and, of course, some beautiful restored antique furniture. Continuing on thru, you’ll view a home décor room with decorating items for offices, libraries, dining and living rooms, and more beautiful new furniture. When you want to rest your eyes for a while, follow your footsteps back to the floral area and continue right into the garden area with plenty of decorating items with an outdoor look. Beyond the garden area is our Back Porch Café which is open for lunch 11-2pm on Wed. thru Sat. Hot and cold drinks and dessert are available all days. Groups of 8-25 are welcome to dine with reservations any days we are open.- and tucked way in the back, we have a great clearance room , too. Our staff works hard to make your visit to our shop enjoyable and if you need help with gift ideas, we can do that. Come visit us and wander. We continuously look for new items at markets that will give your surroundings new looks.


BLUMSTERS on MAIN, 107 South Main Avenue, Huxley, IA 50124
Phone: 515-597-2200 Fax: 515-597-2301